The Balm Bundle - Fresh Barber Co.
The Balm Bundle - Fresh Barber Co.

The Balm Bundle

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The perfect gift for dad!  This kit includes our insanely popular Beard & Buzz Balm and sandalwood beard comb. It's more than 30% smoother than our previous balm, easier to apply, and comes in four epic scents.

This is THE all-in-one for short hair and beards.  It starts with all-natural cocoa butter that immediately gets absorbed leaving your beard, skin, and shorter hair styles moisturized.

Directions: Put a small amount in your palm, rub your hands together FAST like you want to start a fire, and then apply to hair or beard.  This kit includes a sandalwood beard comb for extra control. 

Pro Tip:  Adding just a little bit more product to your beard will give it a light hold so you can shape it.  Cheers to a perfect, fresh beard.